Je me suis dit que ça serait cool de faire un clip pour chaque chanson le l’EP. Alors ce sera tous les vendredis 🙂 !

Pour Lilysleep, il me fallait des images tendres et fortes. Je les ai trouvées en plongeant dans mes souvenirs d’enfance, avec cet extrait de Dumbo. La berceuse d’une maman à son enfant, universelle.

Merci à Henri qui a réalisé celui-ci 🙂

I thought it’d be great to have a music video for each of the EP’s songs. So, it’s gonna be every friday 🙂 !

Lilysleep required tender and strong images. I found them diving into my childhood memories, with this sequence from Dumbo (1941). A lullaby from a mother to her child.

Thank you Henri for your work on this 🙂


Sleep little Lily,
Sleep peacefuly,
Sleep my baby,
Your mum is here,

Today was a big day,
You made some progress,
Sleep my baby,
I’m very proud of you

Doctor says,
That you need to sleep
Sleep and sleep, and sleep,
You’ll not suffer anymore Lily,

Sleep my little girl,
Millions of birds,
Are here just for you,
They will carry you,

In your dreams

Sleep my Lily
I’m here for you
Sleep my baby

But come back soon
Come back soon.

Clip Lilysleep