Hey everyone,

Here we are, september, and summer vanishing, little by little… I hope y’all had a great time this past few months and enjoyed you holidays (for those who got any!)

This summer I posted a blog post serie about summer 2013. It was in French, though; if you feel like trying to read it, you can do it so herehttp://www.victoire-oberkampf.fr/?p=283 .

And here is what’s next!

-First of all, bye bye Lisbon! I moved from Portugal, towards new horizons. I’m thankful for all the good times I had there…

-Secondly, a new project: « Diario do verão ».
I spent my summer between Portuguese coutrysides, neighborhoods of Kpalime in Togo, and hidden places of France’s beautiful hills, before coming back for a few weeks in Paris.

I’m gonna share all these beautiful places with you starting next week, with 6 videos shot along summer. I’ll release 2 per month, in order to enjoy summer’s sun for a tad longer… Covers, original songs, sang live in different contexts that were dear to me.

I am also currently recording the 6 songs. The idea is to make a nice playlist out of it, that you’ll be able to download once all videos are released, for free (FREE!). A summer diary, a type of travelling mixtape, if you will.

-Third and last: I’ll be playing a little concert in Paris next thursday! I’ll be in the capital for only a few more days, and I’ll sing at the Pop up du label on september 18th; come, it is a cosy place, and the food is good. Join the event on Facebook here.

There you go, a lot of announcements. As you can see, I am moving around a lot these days; discovery, inspiration, accomplishment, how exhilarating. I’ll keep on sharing these things with you, on Facebook/Youtube/Instagram (http://instagram.com/voberkampf), on my website. Your support is precious to me, and once again I’d like to thank you all; for your kind words that motivate, for your orders that help buy new material, for your ideas that push further and open new artistic perspectives.

Thank you

Back to school!